Microwave swelling of yam slice

Yam tuber mainly contains starch, polysaccharides (including mucus and glycoprotein), free amino acids, and other nutrients. Besides, it also contains active components such as mucus, among which the amino acid composition of mucin is comprehensive, and the essential amino acid content of the human body is high. Chinese yam contains many polysaccharides, showing proper regulation or enhancement of immune function. And antioxidant, anti-aging and anti-tumor function, and hypoglycemic function. To better serve overseas customers, Chinese used car suppliers will continue to reform and innovate to meet the requirements of each customer, visit customers regularly, and help them answer questions. If … Read more

Coarse grain ripening

With society’s development, people pay more and more attention to the health, nutrition, and diversity of food. Coarse grains are favored by people. The temperature of traditional ovens and wok is not easy to control, and the nutrients in coarse grains are easy to lose. In Huaibei, Mr. Zhang wanted to buy a microwave multigrain baking equipment and brought samples to the factory for inspection. Take samples of 3 kg and use 18kw tunnel microwave equipment for experiments, spread evenly on the conveyor belt, about 5mm set the temperature at 90℃, the speed of the conveyor belt is 15HZ, the … Read more