Coarse grain ripening

With society’s development, people pay more and more attention to the health, nutrition, and diversity of food. Coarse grains are favored by people. The temperature of traditional ovens and wok is not easy to control, and the nutrients in coarse grains are easy to lose.
In Huaibei, Mr. Zhang wanted to buy a microwave multigrain baking equipment and brought samples to the factory for inspection.

Take samples of 3 kg and use 18kw tunnel microwave equipment for experiments, spread evenly on the conveyor belt, about 5mm set the temperature at 90℃, the speed of the conveyor belt is 15HZ, the microwave power is 100%, the sample processing temperature is 95℃, the color remains the original color.
Microwave can make use of the moisture in coarse grains to heat, heating uniform. The temperature is easy to control, the maximum possible to maintain the nutritional composition of coarse grains. Not only can make coarse grains ripen but also can kill the eggs and bacteria, it is very suitable for the equipment of coarse grains mature processing.
Considering how to evenly spread coarse grains on the conveyor belt in the actual production, we install an adjustable hopper for customers at the feeding port, which significantly improves the efficiency and ensures the quality of equipment processing.

Unlike conventional frying pan or oven, microwave heating equipment mainly uses microwave energy to cause high-frequency directional vibration of water molecules inside the material, causing water molecules to rub against each other, forming a heating body, to accelerate the curing of materials.

The advantages of microwave baking coarse grains include fast ripening speed, excellent quality of processed coarse grains, environmental protection, energy-saving, and high overall efficiency. The microwave curing equipment of coarse grains has fast ripening speed and the function of enhancing aroma in the ripening process, which can quickly remove the smell of beans from the coarse grains.

According to the customer’s output, we have customized 20KW air cooling equipment for the customer, which can bake coarse grains 100~120 kg per hour. The speed of the conveyor belt is adjustable from 0~5m/min, the transmission width is 650mm, and the power and transmission rate are adjustable. Even if the customer adds new products in the future, the equipment can also be used for processing.