Hot summer:do you have a latex pillow ?

Pure natural latex pillow, made from the rubber tree sap, and have the natural effect of anti-mite and anti-bacteria. Latex pillows have thousands of honeycomb pores, can discharge the waste heat and moisture of our body, keeping the air inside your pillow fresh and healthy. Using it to be able to experience its relaxed and comfortable feeling more deeply in, what is the key that latex pillow makes?

Raw rubber becomes soft when heated, hard, and brittle when cold, hard to form, and uncomfortable. After the vulcanization, three-dimensional air structures will be formed inside, with high elasticity, heat resistance, high tensile strength, and insoluble in organic solvents. Vulcanized rubber is also called a rubber. Rubber products are mostly vulcanized rubber. The microwave rubber vulcanizing machine is the advanced equipment of rubber vulcanization.

Microwave rubber vulcanizing machine


Advantages of microwave rubber vulcanizing machine:

1. The features of microwave rubber vulcanization device are rapidly heated, highly efficient, and energy-saving, significantly shortening rubber’s vulcanization time.

2. The vulcanization uniformity of Rubber Microwave Vulcanizing Machine is better, vulcanization quality is higher.

3. The microwave vulcanizing machine can pass the induction stage into the pre-sulfur stage quickly, which can prevent the rubber from sticking. It also eliminates the operation of using talc powder in the old process and meets environmental protection requirements.

4. Microwave rubber vulcanization technology can make most of the production process concentrated in a production line to complete, a high degree of automation, saving manpower, stable production.

Microwave rubber vulcanizing machine


Traditional rubber vulcanization methods:

According to vulcanization conditions, it can divide into three methods: cold vulcanization, room temperature vulcanization, and hot vulcanization. Among them, hot vulcanization is the primary method of the vulcanization of rubber products.

According to the different vulcanization medium and vulcanization method, hot vulcanization can divide into direct vulcanization, indirect vulcanization, and mixed gas vulcanization.

①Direct vulcanization, putting the product directly into hot water or steam medium to vulcanize.

②Indirect vulcanization, placing products in hot air, this method is generally for some of the products that have a strict appearance, such as rubber shoes.

③Mixed gas vulcanization, the first use of air vulcanization, and then convert to direct steam vulcanization.



1. Rubber materials are inferior thermal conductivity materials; the heat transfer rate from the surface to the inner layer is prolonged. In the rubber vulcanization process,most of the time of rubber vulcanization needs to spend in making the rubber reach the vulcanization temperature, long time heating, and low efficiency.

2. The use of magnesium silicate in the old process to eliminate rubber adhesion will diffuse dust in the rubber production workshop, and the dust content in the air far exceeds the standard set by the environmental protection department.

3. The overall vulcanization state of rubber is not ideal. In the case of conventional heat conduction, the surface heating time of vulcanized rubber is different from that of the inner layer, resulting in uneven vulcanization.


The principle of microwave vulcanization of rubber

The microwave vulcanization system is a vulcanization method that is using electromagnetic waves. Microwaves are highly directional, and it can penetrate rubber and other non-good conductors, making rubber molecules vibrate, rub and generate heat by itself. Microwave heating penetrates the microwave energy into the heated medium for integral heating directly.


Basic process of microwave rubber vulcanization:

The extruded molding product from the extruder is transmitted through the conveyor belt or roller way and enters the microwave vulcanization device, where the rubber rapidly heats up to the vulcanization temperature.

When the rubber enters the hot air groove of secondary vulcanization, the foaming and vulcanization process of the product will complete if the rubber kept for a specific time at a certain temperature in the hot air groove.

At this time, if the hot air groove is not used and the vulcanization is carried out in the microwave groove, it will waste too much energy, and it will be more economical to combine with the hot air groove.


Composition of microwave rubber vulcanization production line:

The functions of extruders are extruding rubber material into the desired shape and structure.

High-temperature shaping equipment: it is mainly used for vulcanizing and finalizing the surface of the newly extruded rubber rapidly at high temperature to prevent its deformation or adhesion with the conveyor belt and damage its surface.

Microwave vulcanization equipment: the temperature required for vulcanization is obtained using the microwave heating rate to heat the whole material.

Hot air vulcanizing equipment: keep the rubber strip within the required temperature range for vulcanization.

The cooling section is used to cool the rubber strip to a temperature where it can be cut, collected, and so on.

Tractor: provides the power of rubber strip moving forward.


Microwave rubber vulcanizing machine


Leader microwave equipment company under the continuous efforts of researchers, the current microwave vulcanization technology of rubber is increasingly mature. Microwave rubber vulcanizing machine and microwave degreasing machines are continuously improved toward the direction of more automated, energy-saving, less pollution to meet the increasing requirement of users. It has a great potential and abroad market.