Microwave Baking Bread Process

Bread is a food made by grinding and heating grain (usually wheat). Wheat flour as the main raw material, yeast, eggs, oil, sugar, salt and other auxiliary materials, mixed with water and made into a dough, the process of segmentation, shaping, waking, baking, cooling and other processes of baking food.

Microwave bakery equipment is mainly used in bread, nuts and cereals, is a popular health food. With the development of the society, people’s awareness of health is getting higher and higher. Bread and cereals are more and more popular with the elderly.

Microwave baking principle

Microwave is a kind of high frequency wave, changing at a speed of 2.4 billion times per second, which causes the high speed rotation motion of water molecules. They rub against each other to produce great heat, which makes it convenient to dry materials. After the object absorbs microwave energy and converts it into heat, the object’s temperature rises, and the water inside the object evaporates, dehydrates and dries. If the dehydration rate is properly controlled, the structure of the object can be loosened and expanded when the material is dried.

Outstanding advantages of microwave baking equipment

1.High energy conversion efficiency, heating speed. Microwave heating directly to the object medium, the heater itself does not attract energy, so the energy is fully utilized, microwave power conversion rate is generally above 70%. It is 2-5 times better than the traditional method.

2.It can effectively maintain the original flavor and nutrition of food, do not change the color and shape of food, improve product grade.

3.The double action of thermal effect and non-thermal effect of microwave has bactericidal effect.

4.The swelling effect is good. The penetration and rapid heating effect of microwave oven make the moisture inside the material internalize rapidly and reach the purpose of expanding. Hulless pumpkin seed can expand more than one time, expansion rate of more than 98%, particle uniform full, good quality.

5.Compared with the traditional process, microwave baking equipment assembly line operation, all stainless steel production, production environment is good, the production environment of workers has been improved.

6.The equipment is fully automated and intelligent line baking, easy to operate, production efficiency and cost-effectiveness increase.

7.Multi-purpose. The power, temperature, speed and other parameters of the microwave oven can be adjusted through the device control panel. Realize the material heating, thawing, baking, drying, sterilization (pest control), curing, puffing and other different processing technology.

8.Environmental protection, energy saving, sanitation. No residual heat radiation, no dust, no noise, no pollution, easy to reach the food hygiene testing standards.

Suitable materials for microwave baking equipment

1.It can be used for baking and curing of soybean, black bean, peanut, highland barley and artificial rice.

2.It can be used for the baking of freshwater shrimp and other seafood. It can also be used for the baking of salt baked chicken, chicken and duck.

3.For walnut, chestnut, walnut kernel, sunflower seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios and other nuts baking, curing treatment.

Microwave baking equipment is one of many microwave equipment for food. Under the direct action of microwave electromagnetic field, materials can be heated evenly without heat conduction, with short time, fast speed, sanitation and high efficiency.

As a new and high technology, microwave baking has opened up a new way for food drying and baking with its unique heating characteristics and drying mechanism. The application prospect is very broad. Microwave technology will continue to develop in a broader and deeper direction by combining with other drying technologies while improving its own technical methods and equipment. The new microwave baking technology, microwave freeze drying technology and microwave puffing technology will be widely used in the food industry.