Microwave Equipment Accessories: Microwave Machinery Components

Microwave equipment accessories refer to various microwave equipment, such as microwave drying equipment, microwave sterilization equipment, etc. Microwave equipment accessories are excellent choices for all kinds of microwave equipment, which can effectively extend the service life of microwave equipment and make it continue to operate efficiently. As microwave equipment is more widely used in industry, many manufacturers realize that purchasing microwave equipment accessories can save a lot of money on maintenance and even equipment renewal.

Microwave equipment accessories: microwave machinery components


Advantages of microwave equipment accessories:

1. A wide range of microwave mechanical accessories are available for manufacturers to choose; professional microwave equipment manufacturers can supply spare parts without any pressure. Customers accurately describe the use, unit output, and other parameters.
2. After purchasing the microwave accessories, the manufacturer can easily install them according to the instructions, so that the machine can continue to work.
3. Customization is convenient. If the microwave machinery supplier does not have relevant parts for sale, buyers can enjoy the customized service.
4. Saving time. Whether buying or even customizing one or several parts is always faster than buying the entire microwave machine, minimizing the time it takes for the production line to shut down for more profit.

Microwave equipment accessories: microwave machinery components

Various microwave equipment accessories:

Microwave equipment accessories including magnetron (microwave tube), industrial microwave high voltage transformer, high voltage capacitor, microwave diode (high-voltage silicon stack),  microwave protection diode, microwave with axial flow fan cooling fan, small fan, exhaust fan, centrifugal fan, power frequency, microwave use conveyor belt, incentive cavity (bird), microwave inhibit plate, photoelectric coupling isolation plate and so on.


Microwave magnetron:

Brand leader microwave equipment company Apply mechanical Microwave drying sterilization equipment specification Power 900W industrial grade



Heat transfer area 0.012(㎡) Category Tunnel Type of work Microwave
Texture Metal Type Heating Model 2M226


Industrial frequency conversion oil-cooled power supply:

Brand leader microwave equipment company Model DL-9 Category Tunnel
Heat transfer area 0.012(㎡) Rotation speed Customization(r/min) Power Customization(kw)


Microwave radiator:

The product is made of high purity aluminum by CNC lathe, the surface is treated by anti-oxidation, it is not accessible to scratch and salt spray corrosion resistance. A Common N/L16 copper connector is used. It is widely used in a variety of microwave equipment, with low noise, stable power output, low-temperature rise for a long time, and other characteristics.

Tunnel type microwave oven inlet and outlet suppressor:

This product is used at the entrance and exit of Tunnel microwave drying sterilization equipment to prevent microwave leakage. It can be customized according to the size of customer requirements.

Microwave signal feedback board:

The signal board is used in industrial microwave equipment to monitor whether the microwave source works and feedback the signal to the PLC control system. It has indicator lights. Particular specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

Temperature switch:

White ceramic package, movable metal ring, flat pin insert, German VDE certification, or Chinese CQC certification. Degree of nominal operating temperature is: 60,70,80,90,95,100,120,135,140 specifications. Reset temperature = action – 30 plus or minus 15 degrees. Special specifications action temperature can be customized according to the customer’s request.

Microwave equipment accessories: microwave machinery components


Why buy microwave equipment accessories:

1. Installing new components will allow the microwave line to run, saving a lot of money on new equipment. Professional parts manufacturers have rich manufacturing experience and exquisite technology, vast research, and development investment to reduce the cost of microwave equipment accessories. Naturally, products of good quality and low price should be welcomed.

2. Save resources, improve the utilization rate of resources. Even if you don’t care about updating the machine, scrapping a piece of equipment that can be repaired is still not recommended. This is not conducive to the improvement of resource utilization, which is wasteful behavior.

3. Avoiding running-in of a new machine. Microwave equipment is simple to operate and easy to control. But it will take some time to get used to the new device. About this point, I believe operators have deep experience.

4. If you have superior technology and are very familiar with microwave machinery, you can also buy industrial microwave oven parts for assembly, and make profits by selling the whole microwave machine. At this time, it is quite cost-effective to buy microwave machine parts in bulk.

5. The partners supply some microwave machinery parts to each other. Mutual adjustment, but also mutual benefit, to achieve a win-win situation.


Related information of industrial microwave accessories :

Device name Industrial microwave equipment accessories
Power adjustable
Texture Glass reinforced plastic/carbon steel anti-corrosion /304 stainless steel
Range of application Industrial microwave equipment
Packing product Customization
Characteristic service Service process

Prospects of microwave equipment accessories:

In recent years, microwave technology has developed rapidly globally, and the demand for micro-blog technology in the industrial field is also on the rise, followed by the vast popularity of microwave equipment accessories.

As we all know, they are diverse and have a large family group bound to meet the needs of different microwave equipment. For example, the microwave drying equipment and the microwave puffing equipment may need the same parts. The same microwave vulcanizing machine may need different regions due to the diverse workload.

With the continuous improvement of technology, we must believe that the quality of microwave accessories will be better, and the installation will be more convenient.